Traceability service

for the agrochemical industry


Its flexibility is one of the best virtues it has, counting with integrations with multiple ERP systems.


Our experience and availability make all our clients always comply with the deadlines set by the governmental entities.


All the coding and processes of the system follow the international standards. This guarantees that all the products printed with our systems are legible in any part of the world.

The Veriquim solution enables the implementation of equipments in order to automate the traceability in the manufacture process of the phytosanitary products.


Veriquim is developed to handle the traceability of phytosanitary products, such as agrochemicals and fertilizers among others. In this way the identification and transmission of the information to SENASA is done in a quick and safe way.

Identification Technology

The starting point of any traceability project is the univocal identification of each unit. So an identifying device is attached to each product. There are different types of identification technology.




(Only for logistic benefits)

Resoluciones que regulan la trazabilidad en Argentina para la industria de productos fitosanitarios:

Check the chemical precursors included by the Sedronar/RENPRE regulation list

Veriquim counts with an integration module with RENPRE (Sedronar) (Sedronar) in order to comply with the resolution Nº 900/12.

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